October 11 – 14, 2018, Orlando, Florida








General Chair

Philip D. Weinsier

Bowling Green State University Firelands

Phone: (419) 372-0628
Email: ude.u1603897362sgb@w1603897362pilih1603897362p1603897362

General Co-Chair

Mark Rajai
IAJC President
California State University Northridge

Phone: (818) 677-5003
Email: ude.n1603897362usc@i1603897362ajarm1603897362

General Co-Chair

Alok K. Verma

ISAM President
Old Dominion University

Phone: (757) 683-3766
Email: ude.u1603897362do@am1603897362reva1603897362

Scientific Committee

Kouroush Jenab, Chair
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Hamed Niroumand, Chair
University of Florida

Xiaobing Hou, Co-chair
Central Connecticut State University

Publication Chair

Hamed Niroumand
University of Florida

International Committee

Shaobiao Cai, Chair
Minnesota State University

S.M. Seyedhosseini, Co-chair
Iran University of Science and Technology, IRAN

Ahmad Makoei, Co-chair
Iran University of Science and Technology, IRAN

Program Committee

Jin Zhu, Chair
University of Northern Iowa

Shuju Wu, Co-chair
Central Connecticut State University

Todd Myers, Co-chair
Ohio University

Hospitality Committee

Austin Cheney, Chair
Eastern Illinois University

Proceedings Committee

Marilyn Dyrud, Chair
Oregon Institute of Technology

Samson Lee, Co-chair
Central Michigan University

Advisory Board

Paul Wilder, Chair
Vincennes University

Special Awards Committee

Paul Wilder, Chair
Vincennes University

Mohammed Abdallah, Co-chair
State University of New York


Dale Litwhiler, Chair
Penn State Berks

Suzanne Keilson, Co-chair
Loyola University Maryland

Web and Graphic Design

Saeed Namyar, Chair
Advanced Information Systems, LLC

Engineering Division

Adam Lewis, Chair
Athens State University

Ravindra Thamma, Chair
Central Connecticut State University

Mechanical Engineering

Isam Janajreh, Chair
Masdar Institute, UAE

Thongchai Phairoh, Co-chair
Virginia State University

Aerospace Engineering

Alex Sergeyev, Chair
Michigan Technological University

Electrical Engineering

Rami Haddad, Chair
Georgia Southern University

Akram Abu-aisheh, Co-chair
University of Hartford

Civil Engineering

Don Chen, Chair
University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Hamed Niroumand, Chair
University of Florida

Construction Engineering

Tom Nicholas, Chair
University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Technology in Higher Education

Ali Eydgahi, Chair
Eastern Michigan University

Sudershan Jetley, Co-chair
Bowling Green State University

Dale Rowe, Co-chair
Brigham Young University

Jinwen Zhu, Co-chair
Missouri Western State University

Manufacturing & Industrial Division

Vukica Jovanovic, Chair
Old Dominion University

Zaki Kuruppalil, Co-chair
Ohio University

Tatiana Goris, Co-chair
Purdue University

Alton Kornegay, Co-chair
North Carolina A&T University

Sima Mohammad, Co-chair
Lamar University

Info Tech, Business, Entrepreneurship and Computer Science Division

Sam Khoury, Chair
Athens State University

Marla Rogers, Co-chair
Fastboot Mobile

Samir Talssi, Co-chair
Hassan 2 University, MOROCCO